Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


                                                                                                        Gridsquare BK-29

                                            CQ Zone 31

                                            ITU Zone 61

  All Asian DX Contest, CW - 2016


KH6LC Skimmer

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.: All Asian DX Contest, CW 2016


Call: KH6LC

Operator(s): KH6LC NH6V

Station: KH6LC

Class: M/S HP

QTH: Kea'au, Hawai'i

Operating Time (hrs): 39

Location: Other Oceania


Band QSOs      Mults

160:     0                 0

80:     128            55

40:     357           144

20:     568           181

15:     440           144

10:     123             46

Total: 1616         570    Total Score 1,056,210


Great fun, as always, in this contest. This was our first serious multi-single effort in a contest at this station. Enjoyed the teamwork.

All went very well with the station and there were no equipment casualties -except for just one blown fuse, which we replaced with a larger one. hi hi.

Unfortunately, we never did get a much anticipated second 10-meter opening on Sunday.

Thank you for all the QSOs. See you all in the next one.


73 and Aloha from Hawai'i..

   Lloyd, KH6LC and Rob, NH6V



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