Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


Lloyd_KH6LC                                                                                                         Gridsquare BK-29

                                            CQ Zone 31

                                            ITU Zone 61

  Hawaii QSO Party - 2013


KH6LC Skimmer

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.: Hawaii QSO Party 2013

 Call: KH6LC
 Operators:  KH6LC AH6RE NH6V KH7Y
 Station: KH6LC
 Class: M/M HP
 QTH: Keaau Hawaii
 Operating Time (hrs): 40

 Band CW Qs   Ph Qs
  160:          2          0
  80:            5        51
  40:        312      656
  20:        231    2379
  15:        258    1053
  10:          50      443
 Total:     858    4882    Mults=174
 Total Score = 1,867,775
 Despite the less than optimum conditions, we tried to make a decent show of it
 with a total of 5740 contacts, about a 1000 less than last year.   Worked many
 who stated we were their 1st Hawaii contact. We worked 4380 unique stations of
 which 2020 were not in the Master.dta database.    Lots of casual operators.   We
 reached a DXCC total of 102. Mahalo to John K6MM, Doug N7NM, and Steven
 K6AAB for working us on 10 band/modes.   We also need to mention Tom K3TW who we
 unfortunately missed on 20 CW. We worked 6 stations on 8 band/modes.   Rob NH6V
 found the weekend to be excellent therapy as he's recovering from his terrible
 bike accident, taking his mind off his constant headaches.   Thanks to all for
 a most enjoyable weekend.

 73 & Aloha, Lloyd KH6LC, Curt AH6RE, Rob NH6V, Fred KH7Y


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