Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


                                                                                                        Gridsquare BK-29

                                       CQ Zone 31

                                       ITU Zone 61

  CQWW DX Phone Contest 2015


KH6LC Skimmer

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Call: NH7A

Operator(s): NH7A

Station: KH6LC

Class: SOAB HP


Operating Time (hrs):

Location:  Oceania

Summary:   Compare Scores

Band QSOs          Zones         Countries

160:   2        2        2

80:     172    11      12

40:     782    28      42

20:     651    28      64

15:     688    30      57

10:     1197 26      44

Total: 3492 125    221    Total Score 3,556,534

Club: Chiltern DX Club


Last CQWW from Hawaii was in 2001. I  have been to Martinique and Senegal instead of Hawaii since then up to this year.Calling Europe when they are they are  S9 and they cannot hear me in all the QRM is a disappointment. Heard Martti at CR2X and CN2AA on 80 but they could not hear my four square signal. 80 was dismal and 160 was a bust.

Many thanks to all who called and will QSL those who send cards or want burocards.

Hanging out with KH6LC at the station is always the high point of operating from here.


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