Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


                                                                                                        Gridsquare BK-29

                                       CQ Zone 31

                                       ITU Zone 61

  CQWW DX Phone Contest 2016


KH6LC Skimmer

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Call: KH6LC

Operator(s): N6GQ

Station: KH6LC

Class: SOAB HP


Operating Time (hrs): 39

Location:  Oceania

Radios: SO2R 

Summary:   Compare Scores

Band      QSOs     Zones    Countries

160:       17           7             5

80:         209        20           35

40:         1308      34           90

20:         1358      30           63

15:         1663      25           63

10:         600        23           41

Total:    5155      139        297        Total Score         6,601,476

 Club: Northern California Contest Club


Huge thanks to Lloyd, KH6LC for allowing me to come over to his tropical paradise and play radio. This was sort of a last minute thing for me due to a heavy work schedule and many balls in the air as it were, but wonderful to see great friends Lloyd, Rob (NH6V) and Curt (AH6RE).

Thanks for all the QSOs!

As so many have said, conditions sucked. It was almost creepy to be on for a whole weekend from a killer station and almost never hear a single peep from Europe on any band. The one big exception was a fantastic greyline longpath opening on 40M that lasted 2+ hours as it passed from zone 21 over to zone 14. That was something I won't soon forget.

The station, after some redesign with antenna placement since earlier in the year, played exceptionally well. I always felt loud. I had brought over a SO2R box that was untested and didn't have it hooked up until just before the contest. Even though there were issues with the box and interconnects, all  ended up working better than expected. No equipment failures to speak of! More filtering, antennas more spread out, more fixed yagis, and lots of improvements still to come.

 Given conditions as they were going into the contest, I had hoped for 5000 QSOs and around 5M points, and I felt that would have been a reasonable score based on no real preparation and conditions that were less than optimal, so when the score rolled passed 5M I was happy and had a good portion of the day left. I actually slept a good deal more than planned!


Radio 1: FTDX5000 + AL1500

Radio 2: FTDX3000 + AL1500

10M: 7L M2 yagi

15M: 6L M2 yagi

20M: 5L M2 yagi + KT36XA fixed on JA (StackMatched)

40M: 4L + 3L yagis  (Stackmatched)

80M: 4 Square

160M: Vertical dipole


It was great to talk with all of our friends around the world in the best contest of the year.

Please look for KH6LC in CQWW CW (M/2)!

73 de N6GQ @ KH6LC



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