Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


IARU-Map                                                                                                         Gridsquare BK-29

                                       CQ Zone 31

                                       ITU Zone 61

  IARU Radiosport Contest, 2012


KH6LC Skimmer

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.: IARU Radiosport Contest 2012

IARU HF World Championship
Call: KH6LC
Operator(s): NH6V
Station: KH6LC
Class: SO SSB LP
QTH: Kea'au, Hawai'i
Operating Time (hrs): 23:58
 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:            2     1       
   80:           27     8       4
   40:          171    25      10
   20:          493    33      15
   15:          878    30      23
   10:          290    15       6
Total:   0     1861   112      58  Total Score = 1,510,790

3830 Reflector Comments:
After waking up early for a 1.5 hour swim workout, I drove 180km to the other
side of the island, arriving at KH6LC just in time to assist with the cement
pour for a new, 4th tower. I wanted to make sure that I was tired enough to
be able to sleep for 6 hours prior to the start (02:00 local) of the contest.
No problem having an endless stream of stations calling, even with 150 watts.
The low bands were very noisy the first night, but had quieted down
considerably by the next evening.
"Old school" here... Not running SO2R. I have no station of my own, therefore
I'm not able to practice. I'd still like to try it some time.
It's been 35 years since I had operated IARU single-op. I enjoyed the 24-hour


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