Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


                                                                                                                                        Gridsquare BK-29

                                                   CQ Zone 31

                                                   ITU Zone 61




.: Al Couper, NH7O  

First licensed 1968 WN0WEZ in MN age 13. Then WA0WEZ in '69. Had to do two years of penance before getting the Extra class in 1971, under the stern gaze of the FCC. Got involved with contesting through the Minnesota Wireless Association (W0AA), operating at the very early W0AIH station, and various club events. After college in 1977, changed call to K7TI and moved to OR, and then WA. Operated at W7RM, W7FU, VE7WJ in multi-multi DX tests, with K7SS and friends, and at K7RI single op. 1980 moved to Hawaii as WH6B, and built up a station with AH6BK, entering several DX test efforts in the early 1980s. Also operated CQWW from VS6DO, and WPX and 10m contests from KH6XX, and ARRL DX CW from KH6BZF.

Long hiatus from 1984 until 2005, old callsign lapsed, but back on with NH7O. The 2009 WPX CW multi-2 at KH6LC is the first DX contest score in which I have participated in 20+ years, and look forward to more.

I am mainly busy on a daily basis tending the organic farm and alternative energy home that I have built up since 1983 on Maui. I also install and maintain alternative energy systems in my off grid community.

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Al, NH7O


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