Keaau, Hawaii
Hawaii County


                                                                                                                    Gridsquare BK-29

                                                   CQ Zone 31

                                                   ITU Zone 61




.: Oliver Sweningsen, W6NV  

Began hamming as WV6QGW/WA6QGW in about 1959 in Atherton, California. Growing up on the San Francisco peninsula I was introduced real radios and amplifiers that glow in the dark. Earned a degree in Electrical Engineering, spend two years in the US Army Signal Corps, earned another degree in Electrical Engineering, and began work for Bechtel Corporation. First operated from Hawaii as a guest of KH6EWA in 1964, after taking the Matson Line freighter, “Hawaiian Farmer” to the islands with W6SCI, the ships operator. My donations to the KH6LC have included donations of time and used antennas. The callsign of KH6DD, the “Paradise Contesters” also resides in Puna.

Over the years I have operated as: ZS6WW, D44BC, CT4A, JY4Z, HC8DX, ZW5B, ZB2X, OH6NV, LU4FM, SU2MT, PT5A, 9Y4AA, HQ3R, and of course KH6LC.





Oliver, W6NV


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